Music Ministry


Hey guys! I just wanted to share some updates for everyone for the next few weeks! But first I wanted to share how much we love and miss all of you. These times are hard but I know we can get through it together! We are currently still able to do live services on Sunday mornings so be sure to tune in at 11:00 am to Tompkins Baptist Church live events to see some worship and a word from the staff. Also we are posting weekly on our Facebook page for the youth with updates and information. It’s so important for us to stay in the word and praying during this time that we cannot come together as a group. We are posting Sunday School lessons and devotions as well as going live on Wednesday nights at 6! I want to challenge everyone to get with your siblings/parents or FaceTime a friend and go over the Sunday School lesson together and share your thoughts or call me or Taylor! Until the time comes when we can meet together as a body of believers, we can be as the song says “the church with no walls”. 


Be blessed,

John Lee Stacey