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Women's Ministry

Mission Statement: Women ministering to women to encourage deeper relationship with God and each other.
Providing Bible centered teaching, prayer request, praises, to share a meal, encouragement, fellowship, and more. 

“When the time is right. I, the Lord, will make it happen” Isaiah 60:22


The Lord gave me a vision for a women’s conference at Tompkins Baptist Church and we will complete that calling, but it is imperative that we do that at the right time.

We are postponing the conference until 2025 so that we have adequate time to prepare and have it in HIS timing! Please continue to pray for this conference and our women’s ministry as we continue to plan and grow.

 If you want to be a part of the planning team for the conference please contact me, Taylor Stacey.




Be blessed, 


Taylor Stacey

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