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Back to The Basics Acts 2:37-47

We have just ended our summer schedule and are rolling into the fall schedule!

We had a great kickoff Wednesday Night and look to build on that! There is a

few things I have on my heart and mind as we move forward into what I hope is

the most successful fall yet! If that is going to happen it’s going to take all of us

pulling the same direction and working together to reach people for Jesus! One of

the biggest things we can do to make this fall successful is make sure we stick to

the basics! We are good at overcomplicating and overthinking things that

ultimately fail! We have a manual with a special section on the basics of the

church in Acts 2 Let’s look into what they did and how God blessed them along

the way!

1. Peter preached the word and boldly told people the story of Jesus!!! V14-


2. Those who heard the Gospel were convicted, got saved and were baptized!

Acts 2:38 & 41 (A Church Alive is Worth the Drive!)

3. They continued steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrine! V42

4. They Fellowshipped and had meals together! (Wednesday nights) v42

5. They prayed privately and corporately! V42 & Acts 1:14

6. Fear came upon everyone and many sign and wonders were done through

the apostles! V43

7. They were unified and had all things in common! V44

8. They sold their goods and provided for anyone in need! V45

9. They continued daily in the temple and met daily with gladness and

simplicity of heart! V46

10. They praised God and had favor with all the people! V47

11. The Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved! V47


Back to The Basics Acts 2:37-47

1. You shouldn’t focus on COMING to church! You should focus on BEING

the church!

2. We need to throw our opinions and preferences out the door with the


3. We need to focus on following and serving Jesus rather than satisfying


4. We need to be in prayer and in the word of God instead of following our

heart and going off feelings!

5. The heart wants what’s good for you and not what’s good for God!

Jeremiah 17:19


This fall I believe there are 3 things we really need to do!

1. REACH out for the lost!

2. RECLAIM the ones who are absent!

3. REVIVE our hearts every time we can get together!

If we can do the 3R’s and get back to the basics of the first church God will show

up and show out!!! He did it in the first church and He will in this church! It’s all

about Him and leading others to Him!!!

The question is will you be involved?

The choice is up to you!!!!

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