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Honduras Backpack Ministry

These items are being collected for the Honduras backpack ministry.

Backpacks are being provided.

What to include in the Backpacks:

 ⃝   8 spiral notebooks

 ⃝   10 pencils

 ⃝   2 large pink erasers

 ⃝   Pencil sharpener

 ⃝   2 boxes of 24 crayons, or 2 packs of 12 colored pencils for older children

 ⃝   Pens (2 red, 2 blue, 6 black)

 ⃝   Ruler

 ⃝   Scissors

 ⃝   Glue or glue stick

 ⃝   4 toothbrushes

 ⃝   2 large tubes of toothpaste

 ⃝   1 bar of soap with a washcloth

 ⃝   3 pairs of socks

 ⃝   Soccer ball for boys or baby doll for girls

Optional items to include:

 ⃝   Matchbox cars

 ⃝   Baseball cap

 ⃝   Comb

 ⃝   Hair accessories for girls

This mission in 2019 was a big success because our Sunday School classes worked as teams. 

It can again be a success.  Just because we are not meeting does not mean we cannot support this mission with our usual Tompkins’ love of missions. Feel free to work alone or with someone/others.

 Items are to be delivered to Clarke Baptist Association where they will be packed in the backpacks.

Pray for God’s blessing on this effort.  We are working with an October 4th deadline

Thank you!! Shirley

Tompkins is a Missions oriented church.  Our Missions efforts are not owned by the church or any individual. We are always open to opportunities wherever they originate.

We participate in several Missions Projects that are supported and promoted by the State Board of Missions; i.e., Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO) and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO).

There may be a Missions opportunity brought to the church by a church member.  There may be a Bible Study class that engages in an ongoing Missions effort that seeks church-wide participation.  There may be opportunities brought to the Director of Missions attention that is then brought to certain groups, i.e., Youth, Children, or Sunday School classes.  We periodically  do fundraisers for worthy community endeavors.


There is always our favorite church-wide Missions project that enjoys total support:  Operation Christmas Child/Shoebox Christmas.

We invite you to participate in a Missions project or bring your own idea to our attention.

Shirley Johnson

Missions Director