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A Message from our Pastors

We are now only four weeks away from Easter. Don't forget that we will have three worship services available for you on Easter Sunday (April 9) 7 a.m., 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.


We will not have Sunday School Easter Sunday morning, but we will have a "Sunday School" class, it will meet on Thursday evening before Easter. It will be here on the campus of the church at 6 p.m. Stay tuned for the location of that class, and it will be taught by Mrs. Linda Griffin. Most of you already know how talented of a teacher she is, and it will be a special evening and a great start to our Easter Celebration!


Then, on Good Friday, we will participate with Grove Hill Baptist Church for the Cross Walk. They will be carrying a Cross through Grove Hill and arrive back at the church (GHBC) at 6 p.m. for a short worship service. Our praise team will be leading worship that evening. It, too, will be very special!


The Sunday before Easter, Palm Sunday, (April 2) we will observe the Lord's Supper. Here at TBC we traditionally observe the Lord's Supper three times a year on the same days each year, Palm Sunday, the second Sunday in September, and Christmas Eve.


I like doing the Lord's Supper about three times a year, and we do it on those three days for specific reasons. Doing the Lord's Supper three times a year, I think, keeps it fresh. We don't do it so often that it becomes mundane.


The downside of doing the Lord's Supper three times a year is if a person misses one of those three then it can be a long time between observances and that is not good. So, I hope you can make it Palm Sunday! Put those three occasions on your calendar and make them a priority. The days we observe the Lord's Supper are important!


We are encouraging everyone to be a part of a group (Sunday School/Discipleship). We have several new classes starting up! The Misfits class will be doing James on Wednesday nights. We have a women's Bible study starting on Wednesday nights in the book of Ruth, and I will be teaching an adult class (sanctuary) beginning March 22. It is a John Ortberg study called "Soul Keeping."


I did this class maybe 10 years ago, and it was requested that I do it again. As I have been preparing for this class, I remember why it was such a memorable class. Soul Keeping is the heart of, not just our eternal destiny, but everyday life!


Your Soul consist of your Will, your Mind, and your Body, in that order, and when those get out of order (I'm not going to give too much away Ha!) your life becomes a mess! You are conflicted, you do not have peace, and you make bad decisions! (The same goes for me!)


The Pop singer, Jewel, had a song titled, "Who Can Save Your Soul." I know the answer to that! Only God can save your Soul! Only God can bring order to the disorder sin causes in our lives!


I will tell this, maybe you have never thought about this before, but when we talk about saving your Soul, we are not just talking about your eternal destination (That is certainly a part of it), but even more we are talking about today! We need to make sense of life for today, and the only one who can help us do that is God! He can save your Soul!


I hope you'll consider participating in this study over the next few weeks. I think it will make a difference in your life. As I am studying it is already making a difference in my life!


God bless you! Hope to see you Sunday for worship!

Bro. Johnny

A note from Wesley Hicks, Associate Pastor

I picked up my phone the other day only to find it was on low battery mode and about to die! I wondered how that had happened because I knew I had plugged it up to the charging cable for at least an hour or two!


When I begin to investigate, I found that the cable that connects to the block had somehow disconnected itself and my phone wasn’t getting any electricity through the block! I quickly fixed the problem and boom my phone begin to charge! It was a simple fix I just had to get it plugged in to the energy source!


We as Christians need to be plugged in to the energy source of God’s word!!! As we March toward our goal of getting everyone in a small group, we have some new opportunities coming up for people to get plugged in!!! We have several new Bible Studies starting this month and next! Brother Johnny is starting a 10-12 week Bible study on Wednesday nights on Soul Keeping!


Caitlyn Dannelly is starting a 6-8 week Wednesday night ladies Bible study on the book of Ruth!

I will be starting a 6-8 week Men’s Sunday morning Bible study on becoming a Kingdom Man by Tony Evans!


We have recently issued new group information cards in foyer of the main church entrance. If you are not in a group, please take one of the cards, fill out the information and let us know which group area you would be interested in joining!


We will be glad to talk with you about the many groups that you can get plugged in to! Our goal is to have everyone plugged in to a group and the powerful Word of God!!!

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