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A Message from our Pastors




A Personal Note               


We've had a great start to the Fall semester, probably as good a start to the Fall as I can remember.

Our first quarter Bible studies are going really well, as is AWANA and the Youth. It is not too late to get started in one of our mid-week Bible studies so check the website and find a study that interests you or find a place to serve on Wednesday night. We could use all the help we can get, and I really believe you will enjoy it!

On September 10th we will have the Lord's Supper in both services. We always observe the Lord's Supper the 2nd Sunday of September every year. It is one of three times each year we do the Lord's Supper, Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday, and the 2nd Sunday in September.

Deacon selection is complete. There will be 7, maybe 8, new deacons joining our family ministry this month. We have just over 20 deacons. We are happy for those who have rotated off for the coming year. They need the rest, and we are thrilled for the new guys coming on. Some of them are first time deacons, and we look forward to introducing them to you!

This coming Sunday, we will have a report in each service from the Montana mission trip. I know you will be eagerly awaiting their report. They did a great job and had a great time!

If you haven't got started back in church yet, I hope you will make it a priority. The year starts quickly, and time goes fast, and I don't want it to be Thanksgiving, and you still haven't been in church! So, come join us soon! This Sunday would be a great time!

A note from Wesley Hicks, Associate Pastor

The summer is quickly fading away and it will be time to get back to our fall schedule before you know it! I hope everyone has had a good break and a little time to relax. It is good to recharge and have some time to rest from time to time! But it is also easy to get disconnected and complacent in our walk with God and our service to God!

Our fall semester will kick off on Wednesday August 16th. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to get plugged into a class or serve during this time! I know our services are great and we have awesome times of worship and great preaching, but the key for us continuing to grow and make disciples rests in small groups! Sunday School, Awana, Bible Studies, and weekly group meetings are the meat and potatoes where the word is taught, and relationships are built! 

I have had a theme in my heart for the fall semester for our groups and our church. I have been praying and thinking about the three R’s God has laid on my heart! 


Reclaim!   Reclaim everyone that has been away or has gotten out of fellowship! Our group leaders and members must lead this charge to reach out and encourage those who have been away and let them know they are missed! Its easy to miss a few services, then this and that comes up and before you know it you are completely unplugged! We must make it a priority to reclaim our family!


Revive!     After we have reclaimed all those we can get back it must be a priority to be in a state of revival! Its easy to get complacent and in a spiritual rut! We have been called to GROW in our relationship with God! (2 Peter 3:18) One question to answer to whether we need revival or not is “Are you closer to God today than you were yesterday?”


Reach!     Hopefully we can all see the need of reaching the lost and pointing them to Jesus! Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples! (Matthew 28:19) I know there are people around us daily that need Jesus! It could be a family member, neighbor, or just and acquaintance that does not have a relationship with Jesus or plugged in to a church. We should make it a priority to go get one! 


Please be in prayer as we get ready to embark on what I pray is the best fall semester we have ever had at TBC! I encourage you to get involved and see what God can do in you and through you this fall!  

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