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A Message from our Pastor

The community Thanksgiving Service was held this past Sunday night at the United Methodist Church in Grove Hill. It was a wonderful service. It was really good to be able to worship with people from our sister churches. Our choir did an amazing job. They sang two songs in the service, and they were great. I really appreciate all of the choir members who participated. I know not everyone could be there this past Sunday night, but we weren't missing many choir members, and they did an amazing job!

As it turns out, our choir is in high demand this Thanksgiving/Christmas season. They will be performing again at the First United Methodist Church in Jackson, Alabama Sunday afternoon November 27. I know the Christmas music will begin that afternoon on the steps of First United Methodist Church in Jackson at 3 p.m., but I am not sure what time our choir will actually be performing. You can check with our minister of music, Paul Williams, or our choir director, Marsha Henson, and I'm sure they can tell you what time they will be singing. There will be several choirs and groups from the area singing that afternoon. I hope you can come out and support our choir! 

It has been a very workman like semester. We have had several events and initiatives this fall, and while there have been challenges, each one has come off really without a hitch! You can tell we have made significant progress when I can write an article and not mention Covid, changes to our schedule, social distancing, and all the other words and phrases we have all come to abhor over the last couple of years!


Speaking of events, we may be getting close to the end of the year, and we may be slowing down as a congregation for the holidays, but there are a few more things on the calendar. The Youth Auction is Sunday afternoon, December 4 in the fellowship hall. They are needing items donated for the auction so please get those in as soon as possible. 

The last night of AWANA for the Fall semester is December 14. It will be family night, and it will be held in the Gym. It will be a great night of celebration for a wonderful semester of AWANA! If you are a parent of a child in AWANA I hope you can attend. 


Don't forget the Christmas Eve Service. It starts at 5 p.m., and lasts about 35 minutes, but don't get the impression it is just a little meaningless ceremony because it is not. Actually, it is perhaps the most meaningful time of worship we have as a congregation during the year. It is one of the only times we meet together as a congregation in one service, so come early to get a seat! 


The Christmas Eve Service is held in the Fellowship Hall. We observe the Lord's Supper and conclude with a candlelight service. It is my favorite service of the year! If you attend the Christmas Eve service once, you and your family will not miss another one. It is that meaningful! 


When you come to the Christmas Eve Service, you can come as you are. You do not need to dress up. Your family and guests can come as well. Anyone is welcome. It doesn't last long, so it doesn't take up your whole Christmas Eve, but it will put Christmas in the proper perspective for you and your whole family! 


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and hope you have a great Christmas season!

Dr. Johnny Kendrick