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A Message from our Pastors




As I have been communicating with each of you in many different ways, this is a really important time of the year, and with each week that passes it becomes more and more important the closer we get to Easter!

As a church, you can’t muddle through week after week, and then the week before Easter do a social media post or two and expect to have the outcome we desire! It takes work and preparation, and what we are preparing most of all is ourselves!

To this point in the year, we have done a fairly good job of getting that message out, and the events leading up to Easter have been very good, 30 Hour Famine, Show Your Colors Sunday, and this past week, the Valentines Party for the Wednesday Night Discipleship groups. 

But, to be honest, I’m still waiting for our people to get out of first gear. Maybe it is the weather and sickness. We have had a lot of sickness! It might be just a hangover from the holidays. I’m not worried really. I think as the weather warms up so will our preparation for Easter, but it is important because this is something we cannot miss on! 

You may think I’m being overdramatic or that I have unreal expectations, but I don’t think I do! Do you remember the words the Apostle Paul spoke to the church at Ephesus? He said, “Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk—not as unwise people but as wise— 16 making the most of the time, because the days are evil. 17 So don’t be foolish but understand what the Lord’s will is.” Ephesians 5.15-17

I don’t think anyone would argue that the days we are living in are as evil as we have ever seen, and we also know that with each passing day we are closer and closer to the return of Christ, so we give him our best each day knowing it could be the last! 

Even if it is not the last, this is the last opportunity for this day! When this day passes it will not come back and the opportunities, we have today may never present themselves in the same way again if we lived another 100 years! So, we give God our best today!

On another note, by the time you read this article, our balance on the building will be under $50K! We continue to make progress on the loan to pay off our building, and I wan to say a big “thank you” to everyone for that! We are getting close and we anticipate making the final payment toward the end of summer of early fall. That is very exciting! Being debt free on a 1.3 million dollar building in 4-5 years is great any way you slice it! 

I want to remind everyone again to give. There are kiosks in each building with envelopes and you can give anytime you are on the property. You can go to the Vanco mobile app and you can give that way as well! 

Two things about giving: If everyone gives something it will add up to a lot! And, if we would each give something toward the building when we give it would be huge! 

We’ll pay off this building soon. We will celebrate it, and in the appropriate time, move on to the next thing, because in the Lord’s work that is what you do!

In Christ

Johnny K



We have had a great kickoff to our new year! Our Awana, Youth, and Bible studies are off to a great start! Not to mention we have had some awesome Wednesday night meals to help feed everyone! If you haven’t found a place to get plugged in, please visit around and find a place to grow and exercise your faith!

We will have a Valentines party on February 14th at 6:00. The theme of the party is 80’s night! So come dressed as your favorite 80’s couple, movie star, athlete or whatever you can think of! We will have a photobooth set up with some fun activities, a study on love, and plenty of entertainment! We will award the best dressed couple and the best dressed overall with a special gift!

The next week on February 21st we will kick off a new 6-week Bible study on love/marriage taught by myself and Caitlyn Dannelly! It is an open class and will focus on what marriage and love are meant to look like Biblically! Satan wants to destroy the family and will do whatever he can to disrupt it! This will be a great study to strengthen our marriages and love each other the way God asks us to! Please come and join us as we grow and exercise our faith and bring someone with you!

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