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The story of our church begins like many other rural settlements in South Alabama. Most communities had small school houses where the children received their early education until they were old enough to travel to the larger schools. Landowners in the community donated land on which the school houses were built. In our community, the Tompkins family donated the land on which the church now stands. Some of the Tompkins family members are buried across Highway 43 in a small cemetery.


According to the old records and accounts from various members who remember its beginning, a group of local families had been meeting for Sunday School in the old Tompkins Schoolhouse. It was during a revival meeting on September 9, 1949 that several in the group decided to organize a Baptist church on the site. On October 30, 1949, the church was organized with guidance of Rev. B.A. Lambert and was given the name of Tompkins Baptist Church, in honor of the family who had donated the land for the school.


Tompkins Baptist Church is a member of The Clarke Baptist Association, The Alabama State Board of Missions, and The Southern Baptist Convention. Throughout the years God has blessed out church with many great teachers and pastors. Our current pastor is Dr. Johnny Kendrick. He was our pastor from 1996 to 2003 and he came back home to be our pastor again on January 1, 2011. He and his wife Jill, along with the Tompkins staff and family look forward to seeing God use this congregation to spread the Gospel locally and throughout the world!

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