...and he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season. And its leaf does not wither, and in whatever he does, he prospers!"  Psalms 1.3

Building a strong congregation to produce fruit for the Kingdom of God!"

Notes from Pastor Johnny Kendrick

Over the last few weeks, we have added Sunday School back to our weekly schedule. The only thing not added back to our schedule at this point is Sunday night activities. (We do have one class that meets on Sunday night, and that is the college and career group) We do have deacons meetings, staff, and council meetings periodically as needed. We now have business meetings the Wednesday after the second Sunday of the month.

The time for Sunday school is 10:15 on Sunday mornings. Several classes are meeting in new places, and some are meeting in different places than they were meeting previously. If you need to find out where a particular class is meeting on Sunday morning, contact Thomas Armistead, or you can ask one of the security team members on Sunday morning and they can tell you where your class is meeting.

The crowds on Sunday morning have been phenomenal, as has the number of people coming on Wednesday night. It has been really encouraging. People are ready to be back in church, and ready to go on with their lives, and I understand. This year has been especially difficult on people, those who have had to be isolated the most, the elderly, people with pre-existing conditions. 

School has restarted and extracurricular activities like football games etc. Consequently, the number of people infected with the virus has gone up accordingly. Even in our area, churches have had to miss services because of the virus. 

To this point, we have not had to shut back down. We have tried to be as conscientious as possible, and our custodians are working like crazy to clean between services on Sunday mornings to try and keep people safe.

We cannot let our guard down. We need to use every means available to safe guard ourselves and others. Stay a safe distance away from other people, wear a mask if you are close to others, don't hug or shake hands etc.

We are going to get through this, but it looks like it is going to be slow. Someday, a vaccine might come, but until then, we do everything we can to stay safe, and we pray! Unless we have an incident, we are not closing back down, but we won't be starting any more new things either. 

As things stand today, we will not be doing Sunday night until after the first of the year. We will not be having choir any time soon. It is just too risky to have that many people in the choir loft singing together.  

The parking lot has been prepped for pavement. The paving crew is currently working on the new Tractor Supply in Jackson and as soon as they finish there they say they are coming straight here. I sure hope so.

Your giving has been a big delight! We have had a good year financially. Please continue to give. We don't take up offerings on Sunday mornings, we really don't even mention giving, and the giving has still been really good. To God be the glory. 


Notes from Staff

We are excited to announce that Tompkins Awana will begin on September 16, 2020!!  We will be following CDC and State guidelines for Covid-19.  Once any new guidelines are posted on 08/31, we will finalize our list of guidelines to be passed to the parents! You will find the registration form
to print and bring with you on that day.  All children in a household may be listed on the same sheet.   Anyone that was at the 2020 awards ceremony, you filled out a form that night.  If you are willing to help out in Awana, we can always use fill-in people for unexpected misses by our teachers. 

We have a phenomenal staff that work weekly with your children, teaching them God's Word!  Each week your child will be sent home a Bible verse to learn for that week.  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to help your child learn their verse, learn it as a family!  Hiding God's Word in your child's heart is one of the most important things you can do as a parent!  Your child can
earn points to use in the Awana store by coming to club, participating in theme nights, bringing their Bible, bringing a friend AND learning their

Registration Form

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