...and he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season. And its leaf does not wither, and in whatever he does, he prospers!"  Psalms 1.3

Building a strong congregation to produce fruit for the Kingdom of God!"

Notes from Pastor Johnny Kendrick

We had our first on-campus services this past Sunday. For the first time since the middle of March we had actual people in seats for the services. How did it go? It went fine. Was it the same as before? No, it wasn't, and maybe it won't be for a long time, but it was at least a start. 

The video and sound staff did an amazing job,

especially considering they installed a new digital board on Friday of last week, and we had a new venue to set up as well, that being the gym. All in all, it went very well.

I felt like it was a safe service. Social distancing was very comfortable. People were not sitting on top of each other and entering the building and exiting the building was very easy. The Security team and ushers did a fantastic job of bringing people in and out of the building. 

After one week, one thing that is clear is that we are still very much an online congregation, and that's ok. It's not important how we worship, it's just important that we worship as one family, whether you were one of those who attended the different venues on campus, or you watched from home on FB live. All that matters is that we were able to meet together as a family of God. I don't want anyone to feel pressured to attend the on-campus services. I want you to do what you feel is the best and safest for you and for your family.

The giving has been really good, and, as with any family, we want to keep up with our financial responsibilities. We have several ways for you to get your tithes and offerings in, so use the one that is best for you. Try the giving app that is on the website and see if that won't be a convenient way for you to give. 

Construction is nearing the end. We are almost ready to move into the offices. We might start moving in next week. I really don't want to move in until the building is cleared of all personnel. We still have some painting that needs to be completed and there are still door things that need to be finished, the bathrooms, and the HVAC people are not quite through. 

We will be getting another quote on the paving. As soon as we get that quote, we will take a look at our finances and discuss the possibility of doing the paving with the staff, council, and the Deacons.

What are our plans for the immediate future? I think we will continue with our Sunday morning worship schedule, the two worship times with four venues, for a month, maybe two, and see how the crowds are and how the virus is responding. If we are able to meet like this and the virus is not escalating in Clarke County, then we will begin to think about adding the week night services, then Sunday School classes, and the last thing we will add will be Sunday night, but I really don't have a timetable for that yet. 

We still have a mandate to be the church in spite of the fact hat we cannot all meet together in one place like we used to do. We still have a mandate to be Christians shining forth our light in a dark world. So, I encourage you to really focus on your individual walk with the Lord, to contribute to the church in ways that you an contribute. I think that is what god would have us to do. 

May God bless you this week! Please lift up your staff and other leadership in prayer. 

                                                                                                                  in Christ


Notes from Staff

It is an exciting time as we get ready to come back to church!!! There has been a lot of preparation to get ready to open back up the church house! We have missed months of fellowship and worshipping together and it will be awesome to see everyone again! With all that being said I encourage everyone to please be considerate of others and please be safe on our return to church. I am excited to see what God is going to do through our church moving forward! I know things won’t be the same for a while but He can and will move if we allow it!

Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, That it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, That it cannot hear.

Isaiah 59:1

God is still in control and He wants to use His people to do His will and lead more people to Him!!! I know He has huge plans for us at TBC!!! Please be in prayer that He will show up and show out in our return services!!!

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