...and he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season. And its leaf does not wither, and in whatever he does, he prospers!"  Psalms 1.3

Building a strong congregation to produce fruit for the Kingdom of God!"

Notes from Pastor Johnny Kendrick



As you know, we are adding three events to our schedule this week. We will have our first Youth Service Wednesday evening at 6PM. I know our youth are really excited, and we are too. We will also have an Adult Bible study at 6 PM Wednesday evening and it will be in the fellowship hall. 

The Adult Bible study is for any adult who wants to attend. It is not restricted by age or any other category. If we have more than we need to have in the fellowship hall, or if we have enough that we just want to divide into different groups we will do that, but we are starting with just the one group right now. 


We would rather use large rooms right now. We want to maintain the same guidelines in these two meetings that we have on Sunday morning. It will be important to follow the protocols for safety so that we do not have an outbreak. 

We will also have a Senior Adult meeting on Tuesday morning 10 AM in the Senior Adult rooms in the office complex. We are planning to meet in the Senior Adult room, but if the crowd is large enough we will move to the gym to maintain safe distance. 


From here, we will evaluate schools re-opening (Some schools opened today). If everyone is back in school, we will then open back up for children's activities starting with Wednesday evening. I haven't talked officially with leadership about when that would occur, but we will have that conversation as early as next week to establish a date for that to happen, assuming schools re-open and we have no incidents that would force us to scale back. 


We had a good crowd in services this past Sunday. The way we are doing worship with the different venues is working very well. We are equally divided up into the different spaces so it doesn't seem crowded or unsafe. 

If the number of people attending worship on Sunday continues to increase we will make changes in the worship schedule for Sunday to include more people while keeping the number of people in any particular room as low as possible until ii is deemed safe to do otherwise. 


Sunday School will be the last thing we add simply because it involves our smallest rooms. 

Hope you have a great week. Hope to see you at one of our meeting times this week!


Notes from Staff

School bells have begun to ring!  Some of our kids at JA started this week, Clarke Prep will begin next week and hopefully by months end GHES/ WHMS,  Gilmore / JIS and Thomasville and Leroy will all be back in the buildings as well !  Some of you may have even started your virtual learning! 

As we have the past several years, we will be praying for our teachers / students in the services and after services, we will have our Backpack Blessings!! 

Everyone will drive-thru the covered gym area and exit out the dirt drive.  EVERYONE will remain in their vehicle as we go through this process! 

Preschool - 6th grade is encouraged to participate. 

As we begin implementing more into our weekly schedule, it’s my most sincere prayer that we will be able to implement Awana back very soon.  I’m really, really praying by middle of September!  Will you pray with me?!

I’ll continue to post any update I have on TOMPKINS AWANA page! 

We will begin Awana Live on Wednesday, August 25!  Stay tuned! 

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